Is New York Lonely?

Lady on train station platform

Everywhere I go in New York, I get hello’s from strangers. It’s a nod and a smile, or a greeting of hello, how are you. Others are happy to engage in more of a conversation.

Does this mean that on a daily basis they don’t get to connect enough? In a city full of millions of people, surely they would have the chance to interact and be personal? I often wonder if it is because I have a visible disability that they speak to me? I’m not convinced this is the reason.

Wandering today in my local area it dawned on me – there are a lot of dogs. Seriously, I see about 40 or so people a day walking their dogs.  Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, but people usually have dogs for unconditional love and companionship. Is it that people don’t have that in this city so they fill the void with a true loyal friend?

Life in this city is fast-paced, everyone is in a rush. So yes, there is the odd rude person who is just inconsiderate and outright obnoxious. I came across one of them yesterday ….!

Partaking in one of my favorite past-times (shoe shopping), a lady had spread her bags across an entire aisle blocking anyone else access to get through. There was no-one around, so we proceeded to clear the way to get past. Out of nowhere she appeared being abusive for us moving her things. No apology for the inconsiderate behavior? A display of someone who has little interaction with others …..? A lonely person, or someone who doesn’t actually have many people in her life?

Overall, I do say New York is a friendly city. But I often sit back and wonder if it is a lonely city. You can get lost in the crowds. There are so many people, is it just overwhelming to connect because of this? People come here to ‘make it’, and maybe they don’t realize that they need other people in order to make this happen?

All I can say is keep smiling New York – you will always get a smile back from me!

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