The cover up!

Cover up
Stuff they don’t want you to know

We all know what is like to hide from something or someone. We see them coming from a mile away, and we want to run in the other direction. We turn the other way, pull our collar up or our scarf closer around our necks in order to get away or from exposing who you are.

Imagine doing that on a daily basis. Not so much in regards to hiding from people – but covering yourself up, day in – day out, hiding from others.

In living with Scleroderma, exposure to the sun is not a great thing. Not to mention all the surgeries I have had, leaving scars galore and really trying to hide what was underneath my jeans. Summer was scorching hot – always in jeans. Going to the beach – always in jeans. Going out with friends – always in jeans. Getting invited to weddings – always in long pants. It was like hiding under a denim veil.

Looking back in the past 18 months I have 5 pair of work pants I have not worn at all. The wardrobe is now filled with skirts, shorts and dresses. Regardless of what the weather is outside – first choice is a dress, followed by close second of a skirt.

Apart from shoes, dresses are my second favorite thing. I’m about to head off to a cold, wet and most likely snowy winter. I have no qualms in packing in my suitcase plenty of dresses and just being daring to pack (or buy) plenty of ‘slip-shorts’ and that will do me nicely! It’s not like I am going to get cold legs or feet!

Getting to that point in life where there is no need for a cover up – you want to show it off rain, hail or sunshine! Yeah, we always have a good time!

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