LJ Leg Day!

American Flag ProstheticLJ Leg Day is a day of celebration. I am lucky enough to have two LJ Leg Day’s, August 10th and November 8th. These days are the anniversaries of my leg amputations.

They are like my own little Independence Days, recognizing new freedom and taking control back in my own life. They both represent life changing moments, and they are very special for me to celebrate.

Most would say that is odd – and it should be a day of mourning as you have lost something. I have gained so much more than I have lost. A sense of a fresh beginning marks both of these days, the liberating feeling of letting go to embark on something new and wonderful. An experience most won’t get – unless you have endured excruciating and life limiting pain – only to come out on the other side with 5% of the pain you used to have. An excitement that I thought I’d never experience.

My very first LJ Leg Day back in 2007, was marked by the inaugural poem I share and today I would like to share it yet again:

With LJ Leg day we go all the way,

To kicking goals and full on play.

Although bad balance can make things tricky,

Dancing on the table never gets sticky!

Yes, oh Yes, my leg gets heavy,

That’s a great excuse for an extra Bevvie!

So on LJ Leg Day let’s be free

And come get legless with me!

Happy LJ Leg Day!!!


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