When Fall is not really falling?

Central Park in AutumnAutumn is my favorite season. I love the spray of leaves that fall from the trees, covering the ground with breathtaking shades of orange.  The magical shade of orange as we all know is a blend of red and yellow – a warm happy color. It has the elements of yellow sunshine, mixed with the hues of scorching red.

Orange to me is a very social colour, bringing joy and exuberant sensations. It offers a more thoughtful ambience than the explosive red, yet the energy of a bright sunny day still shines through.

It is said that Autumn is called ‘fall’ because of the suns continuing falling position in the sky. As the days get shorter the sun continues to ‘fall’ closer to the horizon until the Winter solstice.  More so, people associate the word ‘fall’ simply because leaves fall from the trees.

One of the common sentiments of ‘Fall’ is that it often brings feelings of melancholy, summer is gone and winter is on its way. My thoughts are that the action of leaves ‘falling’ or the sun ‘falling’ closer to the horizon should not be a reason to feel that things are coming down on you.

So don’t ‘fall’ this Fall. Instead, look up to the sky. Embrace the creative, exciting and warm tones of orange, and take on the optimistic, uplifting and rejuvenating spirit of Autumn.

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