Dear New York

Chrysler Building Blue SkiesDear New York

Here is some news for you – I am now single! That’s right, Melbourne and I have now broken up! We are finally over. Yup, O-V-E-R! Don’t worry, I really don’t have feelings for Melbourne anymore – we are done.

I am really glad though that our relationship started as a friendship. It has built over time, we created something special and I do really hope we can expand on this and develop something that will last forever.

There may have been times when you have been thinking I have been ‘double-dating’ – as in part-time Melbourne, part-time New York. This was never how it was in my heart. I was torn for a while, but deep down I knew where I needed to be. I wasn’t cheating on you – I was just waiting for the right moment for us to really be forever.

As we got to know each other over time, my love for you grew stronger and stronger. Every time I left you, I would be in tears. This wasn’t because I was going back to Melbourne, but because I wanted us to be together.

Do you know why I really fell in love with you? I know you should never compare boyfriends, and when you look at the big picture there is no comparison at all. Your diversity is outstanding, you have been doing it for so long that it is just so natural to you. Your energy is out of this world, everywhere you go and everything you do is about life and experience. You are in it whole-heartedly each and every moment.

Chrysler at nightYou include me in your life so much more – I never feel left out. It really feels like you want me there with you. I can access all of your buses, your trains are pretty good, and the attitude of people – so much better! I don’t know, you just seem to get it. I have my theories of why you are this way and they may be true or maybe just made up. As a country of patriotism, and a country of war veterans I think you may have just been exposed to disability a little bit more and this has made you a lot more accommodating. This is both from a physical and emotional perspective.

Oh, and I forgot about Access-A-Ride, what a gem! It is such a great option for people with disabilities. Let’s also not forget about your cabs, and again I know I shouldn’t compare, but getting an accessible cab in New York is so much better. You are not having to wait around for an hour and a half – the most I have ever had to wait is 15 minutes! And that was when it was snowing!

You have so much more energy and life about you. There is a sense of acceptance with you, you have seen it all and are willing to take that to a new level. You are confident, open, and forever changing. Life is never ‘hum-drum’ in New York and you never know what new and exciting adventure is around the corner. The people you meet, the places you go – never a dull moment.

New York – I love you with all my heart! One day very soon, I know we will be together forever.

Love you always – Amanda x x



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