The Bionic Woman

bionic womanRemember that sound? No idea how to replicate it into words ….. That sound where Jaime Sommers is running and everything is put into slow motion. Ah, she was my hero!

The Bionic Woman was built to be ‘better, stronger and faster’. A woman with power, made with a bionic ear and super strength in one of her arms and both legs. Working for the CIA to fight evil and for some reason was forever getting kidnapped.

I am a bilateral amputee and use prostheses to walk, however I wish I could be the Bionic Woman! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong at all with my pretty legs. We all know how much I love them. But imagine not having to take them on and off all the time. How great would it be for them to do the ‘hard work’ for you, especially when it comes to stairs? I could run fast, be stronger and better yet – I would make that fab sound when I moved.

I’m sure throughout her body she had electrodes that enabled her to touch and feel, and I know they have done this with prosthetic hands, where they can move fingers and do all sorts of amazing things. I don’t remember a time when I liked the thought of the touch and feel of my old feet, so even this would be a bit of a novelty.

Jaime seemingly had an awesome life. With undercover adventures using secret identities, a Bionic German Shepherd names Maximillion and best of all – Steve Austin.

The only question I have left now is …. Where is my Six Million Dollar Man?

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