If the shoe fits …

3 pair of shoesIf the shoe fits …. buy it in every colour!!! Oh a new joy and choice I have never had before! Becoming a bilateral amputee has brought about the new choice of shoes …. And I can tell you, I am making up for lost time!

After many years of horrid custom-made (and ugly) lace-up boots that had to be reshaped due to the countless surgeries over time, the freedom to buy off the shelf shoes is just so much fun! Although I will say it still comes with its challenges ……that balance between pretty and practical. What is the heel height? Can I make them lower? What is the sole like? Does it fit well enough so I don’t slip about? My shopping trips are always equipped with a tape measure and a shoe-horn – just to make sure we get it right.

It’s a fun thing in shops too – the cheeky pleasure of seeing a sales assistant’s eyes pop open when I take my leg off and ask them to pop the shoe on for me 😀 Great to see that after a while, they get into it and their curiosity kills them and they start asking questions. I recall one time in NY, she got so into it – she was showing it off to other customers commenting on how cool my nail polish was! Hmmm, I ended up buying 5 pairs from her …..

Although I have experimented with different styles in the past 12 months, sandals are my favourite. I’ve never had pretty toes – not that any toes are really ‘pretty’ anyway – but I think mine are now the prettiest I have ever seen!! Why wouldn’t I want to show them off!

Life is about choice, practicality and fun – and you can find all of this in shoes!

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  1. Where do you buy your shoes from? Having two artificial legs myself, I sometimes find it ridiculously difficult to find pretty shoes which are the right height. Most of the shops I’ve been in all of the flat shoes are plain and a little boring 🙁


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