Going out on a Limb

New leg castingLimits …. They can sometimes be good, and they can sometimes be bad. If you reach a limit of where you can no longer do something for the sake of your own sanity, morals and pride – then you know it’s time to leave.

Although, taking that step and making that change can be a risk – like going out on a limb (excuse the pun) – sometimes you just need to do it.

People keep telling me that the decision I am making is a huge risk ….. however, one I need to do and this is for many reasons. One which I am sure people will not think about is that I am a woman with disability. In some way I have made this decision because I AM a woman with disability.

Working in the corporate environment for as many years that I have has taught me that you can’t be used as the ‘poster pin up’ for women with disability and come out of it with a sense of pride. Yes, I have made change, yes I have contributed to the organisations disability agenda but really at what price? For me, staying in the safety net of the same organisation has not really made a stand that women with disability are employable anywhere.

I am going to go out on a limb to take on the outside world to make change; where there are other places I could contribute to; and take the challenge that women with disabilities ARE employable and we all need to stand together to make that change!

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  1. Hey Amanda. Knowing when the time is right to make a change is easy, having the courage to follow it through is not. Good on you for seeing this opportunity in the prism of being a role-model too. PS – nice blog too mate. : )


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