Its Tuppa-Time

What are the things you know about me? I like basketball, New York, and the color red. What you might not know about me is that I have never been a fan of cooking. Cooking for one is no fun!

Until now ….

I have always been a fan of Tupperware – but recently they brought out a new product in Australia called the MicroGrill. Oh I am sure you are confused by its name. “Grill” in the microwave? Surely not?

Now you may be thinking why is this such a big deal? Well, it is not just that it is quick, easy and functional – but it is ACCESSIBLE! One of the many reasons cooking can be laborious task for me is that it is always ‘tricky’ to use an oven.

As a double amputee, it super hard to maintain your balance and bend down into the oven without dropping things or reaching in without falling into the oven. If I am using my wheelchair, again there is the reach challenge when you open up the oven door but this time your wheelchair gets in the way and you need to pop your brakes on for safety! A recipe for a disaster and a very likely scenario of dinner on the floor or adding another scar to my body.

Not that I am really surprised by Tupperware’s innovation, as we do have the Extra ChefTurbo Chef and Mando Chef – all designed with optimal universal design. When we talk about Universal Design, especially when it relates to disability, it means that it can be accessed, understood and used by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. There are 7 principles of Universal Design, and one of the key accessibility features of the three items mentioned above is the ease of use and low physical effort. It makes chopping, slicing and mixing not only fun, but a great time saver!

Oh, and let’s not forget the Twistable Peeler. I struggle holding a potato if they are too large as my grip just doesn’t expand. You can angle this peeler to a way that suits your grip, and I just slice the bottom of the potato flat so it rests on the Tupperware cutting board and peel away.

Now usually you can’t shut me up when I start talking about access and inclusion, but I am more excited to tell you what I have been up to with my MicroGrill. Feel free to check the principles of Universal Design at your leisure. Maybe do it in between cooking times of waiting for the microwave to beep!

In no longer needing to burn myself with using the oven, I can do all sorts of things in the MicroGrill. French Toast, Hamburgers, potatoes, asparagus, grilled salmon, baked Camembert, grilled Haloumi, toasted sandwiches and wraps (no soggy bread, I swear!) – the list goes on and on!

This product has changed my life and I have definitely got my monies worth! It is a product that I highly recommend if you get frustrated with using an oven due to access issues or if you are limited with time and still want quality food from the microwave. AND ….. better yet, if you use Enjo products in your kitchen – SO easy to clean!!!

Please note: As an innovator in high quality storage, reheating and cooking products, we have taken steps to remove BPA from our manufacturing processes and as of 2010, all products sold by Tupperware Australia and New Zealand are 100% BPA-free.

They are all very high quality products that last a very long time, and you can read more about Tupperware Plastics online.

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  1. Awesome! Historically, Tupperware has been a great innovator – liquid-tight seals, squashable containers, a microwave pressure cooker, a microwave steamer and the MicroGrill. Not only are many items accessible & so practically useful, they contribute to a sense of independence, achievement and personal satisfaction. ENJO is a relative newcomer but still a valuable contributor to family health (think less chemicals in the home; better air quality & less respiratory illness) & the environment (less single-use detergent bottles, paper towel, face wipes & similar products). Products like Tupperware & ENJO change lives!


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