A young journey with Scleroderma

Amanda age 14 at the swimming pool

As a young girl, living with Scleroderma presented many challenges in life. Diagnosed at age 11, with the onset appearing more than 2 years earlier, I was barely at an age to understand puberty let alone Scleroderma. All sorts of strange things were going on in my body; hard, thick white patches of skin, tightening … Read more


Who Am I sign

Labels are everywhere, and we all seem to do it. We label ‘black’ people and ‘white’ people, we label ‘employed’ and ‘unemployed’, we label ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ and of course, there is the label of disability. Labels come to us naturally, and it is one of those things that over time has become human nature … Read more



For those of you who speak Greek – the basic understanding of Scleroderma will come easy to you. Sclero = hard, derma = skin. My journey with this condition has been a long one – spanning over 30 years. I was one of the very unlucky ones diagnosed young – at age 11. First, I … Read more