Focus on Ability

Amanda LJAbility is something we all have. Yet somehow when we talk about dis-ability it takes the meaning to a place where it flips on its side and a ‘fear factor’ comes in. NOVA Employment is running the Focus on Ability Short Film competition. The competition is aimed at raising awareness of the abilities of people with a disability.

Proudly, a film that I participated in is in the running for these awards – Phantom Pain. In highlighting the theme of focus on ability, Phantom Pain brings to life the daily experiences as a bilateral amputee. Yes, I experience ‘sensation’ and ‘pain’ of limbs that are long gone, but it just goes to show that mind over matter is what is important in life.

I wake up with muscle cramps where muscles no longer exist. What would you do with muscle cramps? Walk and stretch them out? I do that too. Just like other people, I like swimming. I may do that with no legs – but I can do it too. My toes are not real like yours, but does that stop me from having a pedicure? Nope.

When we look at what we can all do – we can mostly say that we have the same ‘abilities’, we just might do them differently. In thinking of disability, let’s start thinking of ability and the positives we can all bring to our workplace and community. As a person with disability, every day I want to achieve something new – and I can only do that if I Focus on Ability!

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