Left foot first

White left sandal

Quick decisions are sometimes bad decisions. In 2006, I was faced with one of those quick decisions and I can say now that it was definitely a good decision. Not all decisions you make have the outcomes totally reliant on yourself though. This was one of those scenarios. I had only a short time to … Read more



For those of you who speak Greek – the basic understanding of Scleroderma will come easy to you. Sclero = hard, derma = skin. My journey with this condition has been a long one – spanning over 30 years. I was one of the very unlucky ones diagnosed young – at age 11. First, I … Read more

Focus on Ability

Amanda LJ

Ability is something we all have. Yet somehow when we talk about dis-ability it takes the meaning to a place where it flips on its side and a ‘fear factor’ comes in. NOVA Employment is running the Focus on Ability Short Film competition. The competition is aimed at raising awareness of the abilities of people … Read more