This little piggy never went to market …..

different painted toes pointing towards each other in a circle

As a bilateral amputee, I can clearly remember how my real feet and toes looked. They were down-right ugly! Not only that, they smelled badly! Not of the usual sweaty sock smell, more of an ‘infection’ smell – constantly covered with Bettadine or other antiseptic creams. Since I have had my legs amputated, I am … Read more

Hard word – hard disease

Painting by Paul Klee

Today is World Scleroderma Day, and on this day of June 29 1940, a talented Swiss-German Artist Paul Klee died of Scleroderma. Klee was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 1936, and with rapid advancement, sadly diffuse systemic sclerosis took away his last breath and his life.   Klee’s symptoms started with fatigue, a skin rash, shortness … Read more