Voting for People with Disability

Ballot Box

To vote is to express an opinion or a choice. In Australia, voting is fundamental to our democracy.  I believe that all Australians have a right to have their voice heard. However, some people in Australia are not afforded this luxury. This is noted by the Australian Human Rights Commission as stating: “A healthy democracy … Read more

If we all lived life inside out!

With everything going on in the world today; innocent people being killed, ‘terror’ erupting in places where we never thought were possible, honesty and openness among us all needs to be more prevalent. If we were all ‘inside out’, we would be wearing our hearts on our sleeves, letting people ‘read’ us, making more sense … Read more

A young journey with Scleroderma

Amanda age 14 at the swimming pool

As a young girl, living with Scleroderma presented many challenges in life. Diagnosed at age 11, with the onset appearing more than 2 years earlier, I was barely at an age to understand puberty let alone Scleroderma. All sorts of strange things were going on in my body; hard, thick white patches of skin, tightening … Read more